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Kaka and urinary incontinence in pre-school children, sometimes serious disorders can be a sign of psychological problems. Children’s surgery specialist Assoc. Dr. Dawn Karachay says it is necessary to apply for a specialist when such situations are encountered.

After babies come to the world, the need for the toilet. However, after a while, the toilet training starts with a cloth with the belly. When the child is two years old, the poop continence is the ability to hold the poop, while the time for the urine is becoming a little longer. Köyertepe University Kozyatağa Hospital Children’s Surgery Specialist Assoc, who describes that the children started to keep the urine average. Dr. Dağaş Karacay, “The urinary incontinence tables between four and six years of age due to slow processing of the new muscle groups in this process do not cause problems. But the cases seen after the pathological are considered problematic.

Kaaka kidnapping is more than a more problematic action than urine missing. This is the possibility of disorder in the underlying nerve and anatomical activities if the child continues in proportion to the growth of the child. Since the early life of life can be started to keep poop, it is necessary to investigate in detail if it is faced with incontinence in children in children in children. Due to the incorrect and unhealthy nutrition in our society, the constipation is very commonly encountered, the secondary poop and psychological reasons are also associated with this problem is effective. Dr. Dağak Karachay continues: “I need to eliminate the pathological cause of being carefully leaning onto the kaka, if there is an underlying pathological cause. Therefore, the progress of the problems of the problem is of great importance. “

The treatment of this discomfort is varying according to the cause. If there is a very violent, habited constipation in the child, and in addition, the treatment of constipation is primarily the treatment of constipation needs to be eliminated. Another problem is the existence of a nutrition or message problem in the muscles and nerves that allow the poop in the anal region. Any problems that may occur on the neur network of our bodies can also occur in the nerve and backward transmission of children born with birthday and brain anomalies such as Spina Bifida. Assoc. Dr. Dawn Karacay, when there is a problem on this road, the problem of correcting the problem in the nerve network is often easy or possible by specifying that it is not easy or possible, “support treatments in the group in question. While a part child is not able to hold the poop during his life, the innocent causes of the guts or nutrients are eliminated with the correct treatments, the results can be taken. In children in the four-year-old groups, with the act of holding aware of the urine, the toilet habit is starting to settle. In spite of this, the children who are missing your urine are divided into two groups. At this point, the patient history is gaining importance. Associate that the approach has changed according to the day or night of the urinary missing. Dr. Dawn Karachay is: “Their causes are completely different from each other.

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