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Constipation; Fear of the toilet, the lack of the toilet, the suffering of the bitterness, excessive sugar and sugar nutrients, fibrous (pulp) nutrients, fibrous (pulp) nutrients, continuously postpone fins, long-distance travels, in the intestines, which are used in the intestines, which are used in the intestines, the diabetes used in the thyroid gland The work is emerged for reasons such as tumor and cancer. Even the feces of infants can be seen as a part of their own body.

If the findings of constipation is long, if there are problems such as vomiting, or if the child is left fondly, a physician should be applied. On the other hand, it should be avoided to get laxatively with POSA pills and powders unless physician recommends. Because in this case, the nutrients pass through the digestive system as vitamins and minerals can be absorbed. Even some of the body causes liquid and potassium loss. An open cup of tea or warm lemon water to be drunk in the morning is defined as a natural laxatively.

Many children start to worry when 2 or 3 days unable to get to the bathroom. When this situation is slightly longer, there is a panic state. But most times there is nothing to worry about and a serious situation is not in question.

One of the wrongs known correctly on this; Every day is that defecation should take place. Halbuki some kids 3 times a day, while some go to the bathroom 3 times a week. There is no reason that requires anxiety in both cases. Recommended course, it is started the day early in the morning toxins away from the body. On the other hand, the wastes that cannot be thrown by defecation are absorbed in the body by absorbing the health by absorbing in the body, does not shorten the human life. Such false beliefs lead to use of laxative drugs unnecessarily in varying individuals of older defecation habits. This situation is unnecessarily harm to the intestinal flora.

• In Constipation complaints, a spoon made of plums or apricots made of breakfast without breakfast in the morning, increases the intestinal movements of warm water or lindenous drinking and physical activity (culture-physics movements) on a spoon of marmalade or dry fruit. Or a glass of lemons or a teaspoon of olive oil can add or drink.

• Each day, especially after breakfast after breakfast, it should be remained in the toilet for a certain period of time. It is recommended to read newspapers or magazines for distribution of attention. The use of Alaturka toilets can facilitate defecation. This is not possible, it may be useful to bend to the front of the tozette, by placing an elevation under the feet.

• If the child is forced on toilet training during a period that it is not ready, he can protest protest. The mother must teleplate on his child that he doesn’t pity when making poop. Even if necessary, it may be useful to stop the toilet training and cloth for a while.

• Although it is due to these principles, no improvement can be used at the end of 2 weeks, the support products that can be used as a supplement should be consulted with Doctor and / or Dietician.

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