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Childhood depression; The exterior of the person’s stress is the reaction to existing stress. Everyone expresses this differently and live with different forms of behavior.

During the period of 0-18 months, the binding between the mother and the child is very important. The composition of the binding, physical contact, eye contact The child’s approach to the child involves the relationship it established with the child. When this binding occurs, the baby’s self and the external world is confident, but if this does not take place, childhood depression or communication disorders may occur.

When talking about childhood depression, it is necessary to look at the depression’s word before the child is depressed. Depression means spiritual disgrace. We can enter spiritual disgrace at all ages. Therefore, in babies of depression or spiritual slump, in the school age, the young people are also seen in the young people.

Children are in the process of development, many different reactions are seen in different ages because they develop rapidly each year. Depression shows very different symptoms in different ages. In particular, this situation in children is more pronounced. The 4-year-old child experiences depression and the symptom of this age is different, the 11-year-old child experiences depression and again the symptom of this age is different. Childhood depression shows itself with different symptoms in each age period.

In the child living depression, uneasiness and crying occurs. Visible in reluctance. Depressed children are getting big. These kids don’t want to go to school and avoid being alone. Until the era of BULJ, the relationships of friends are being corrupted. These situations may be indicative of childhood depression.

Different periods of development are really very important for the child. We can divide the child’s age into a team period. These are the period of infancy, the play age period, the school age period, adolescence period. There are problems with development that causes depression during these periods. The child can be depressed because of their own deficiencies, due to their deficiencies and external factors, as a result of its own reflection and adaptation problems.

The depression of the larger in society is more acceptance than the depression of children. Childhood depression is usually more difficult in society. The conditions of living, marriage, business problems are considered more considered to cause this and are often considered to be depression in babies and children, but in these periods in depression.

The second brother sometimes creates depression and this table is seen. The first and only kids live so much. The child is here, my mother is having a worry that my father won’t love me. Sometimes it is developing a reaction as to hurt siblings. Sometimes he shows that he loves his brother very much. Mother and father do not believe in sibling jealousy, but the child can live in the same moment of this conflict and difficulty. This situation can be seen in children who says that my dear is very bored ‘. Sleep Problems The need to be little or too, the need for continuously redirection and fears are very visible. These situations are formed because it does not feel safe. This situation can reveal childhood depression in children.

A 15-year-old male patient was experiencing parental conflict from the young age.

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