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In Karaman, harassment and rape claims towards 10 children, once again raised the child’s protection.

So what should the adults do to protect children from sexual harassment, from the abuse? What should be teaching the child, how to tell me what the child has to do in this danger from someone who met many times?

It is difficult to detect the prevalence of fully because both adults ask for both children and a difficult subject to talk. The society in which the society is more difficult to talk to children to talk and express themselves. “Is the child believed to say?” The skepticism is preventing us from understanding the problem of the problem.

But in 2008, social services have shown that 3 percent of these children were sexually abused in the last 12 months in the interviews with the age of 1,886 children between 7 and 18 years of age.

When they are taught the name of all body parts in the ages they started to talk, the names of the “Private Zones” such as eye, ear, nose should be taught. The anatomical names of these regions are important to teach the names of the proper names and not to be used in the “Installation” or “Play” names are important to agree with the adults that the child wants to help when a problem is experiencing. A child who is talking to nicknames can not be understood by adults that do not know adequately, such as the teacher or police he mentions.

As everyone else has some “special” body regions, what these regions are the names of these regions, where they can touch what the conditions can touch, and they should be hearted to protect these limits.

As early as you can because there may be a victim of child abuse at all ages. They should be taught to say “no” when they do not trust the names of the body parts of the body parts they are taught by teaching the names of their body parts.

Safety, dangerous concepts are simple and concrete with simple and concrete sentences via the “body security”. For example: “Let’s be a brief talk about the safety of your body with you. As we all have some private zones in your body as well. These are where the underwear closes. You can say no to the touch of people you don’t trust here, we don’t get angry with you. Sometimes some adults, which may also know that you know, they can touch you without knowing the rules of trust, and it can make you feel uncomfortable, sad or awkward. “No, touch” when there is something like that. Then come to tell me if you will be the safe adult of the child to me-or if the child will be the safe adult? So we can protect you and you can say the safety rules for that adult. “

Here, not to frighten the child, it is important to suggest that someone will lead to punishment when he tells an event. Because unfortunately most of the time the source of the abuse comes out of the adults that children recognize and their loved ones are afraid to hurt or hurt them by talking.

It is important that the parents are always respectful of their children’s body limits.

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